Investigation and Remediation of Soil and Groundwater:

  • Basic hydrogeological studies according CCAA Agency
  • Control of the subterranean environment: Install vapor pressure gauges or sensors (CV)
  • Evidence of efficiency of control devices
  • Analysis of risks to human health and ecosystems
  • Recovery Project
  • Remediation Systems
  • Monitoring and control

Accidents and leaks

Affected Third party

Requirements government institutions for complains and other

Environmental Consulting and Engineering

  • Environmental Outsourcing: monitoring and compliance assessment rules apply in the oil sector:
    • Environmental Permit: Project / Evaluation, implementation and management
    • Water: discharge Permit, legalization wells, etc.
    • Waste: IPS, registration registry of products, declaration, etc.
    • Energy and Mines: legalization, registration registry, etc.
  • Audits Due Diligence in Purchase and sale operations
  • Network Design and installation of wastewater drainage and treatment systems
  • Adherence to rules in oil installation, leak detection systems, leak testing system detects tanks and pipes, cancellation of tanks as MI-IP06, periodic inspections, etc.