Gas station services

Specializing in the petroleum sector, we have acquired extensive experience in areas directly or indirectly are related to this, therefore have permits, certificates and approvals for service in facilities encompassed within the petroleum sector, such as:

  • Electrical:
    • Electrical projects, expansion of contracted power, specializing in petrol stations and Distribution centers.
    • Carry out electrical installations, complying with MI – IP02, MI – IP03, MI – IP04 and REBT-2002.
    • Surge protection systems permanent and temporary.
    • Special stabiliz for computers and electronics.
    • Automation of Distribution centers.
    • Studies of energy efficiency in petrol stations. 
  • Pneumatic: monoliths air, compressors…
  • Hydraulic: chain-drive systems for car washes, pumps…
  • Washing tunnel: repair and maintenance of facilities

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