From the engineering department, develop the best solutions for the oil installations that are regulated in the technical instructions that are detailed below:

  • ITC MI IP04 “Facilities for supply to vehicles (vehicles for their own consumption and Petrol Stations Supply Units for sale).”
  • ITC MI IP03 “storage facilities for consumption at the facility.”
  • ITC MI IP02 “Parks petroleum liquid storage”.
  • ITC MI IP02 “Port facilities”.

Are made:

  • Construction manager involving the overall coordination of all the works “turnkey “.
  • Legal and technical consulting of all types of oil rigs.
  • Optional work addresses of the facilities.
  • Final Design and Plans “as built ” 3D.
  • Permitting Legalization and official bodies.
  • Standardization of equipment and development of new products related to the sector.
  • Studies, Plans and Health and Safety Coordination Project and implementation phase of work.

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