Investigation, soil remediation, groundwater


We offer all phases for the recovery of a contaminated site:

  • Studies to Studies to contamination of soil and groundwater
    • Phase of preliminary investigation
    • Phase detailed research
  • Compare the results with the standards set out in RD 9/2005
  • Perform empty testing (efficiency test) in vapor sensors.
  • Analysis of risks to human health and ecosystems
  • Drafting of project recovery
  • Implementation of the remediation system to reduce risk to acceptable limits for human health and ecosystems
  • Monitoring and control of pollution


Responds to the requirements of the “Catalan Agency Aigua” ACA aspects of pollution and protection of groundwater and surface waters following the technical recommendations issued by the agency.

  • Basic hydrogeological studies
  • Implementation of environmental control systems underground
  • Proofs efficiency of devices of control groundwater
  • Studies of contamination of aquifers
  • Decontamination of aquifers
  • Monitoring and control of pollution

In the other regions Petrosuport follows the guidelines of the competent authorities; Confederations basins, environmental departments in each community, etc.

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