Investigación detallada

Adjudication Environmental contest for Repsol service stations

March 2012

REPSOL allocates  Environmental Competition to Petrosuport at 2012 in Catalonia.
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Grafica estadistica

Nº 9 ranking in SMEs in Security Alliance

October 2011

Since September 30, 2010, the company is registered as PETROSUPORT accredited contractor for the oil sector by companies, REPSOL, CEPSA, Galp, BP and DISA as part of the Alliance of Security. Read more

6952DBZ CUBA 004

New service: PETROSUPORT offers the performance of the controls required by the regulations in their ADR Tankers

October 2011

PETROSUPORT offers the service of periodical inspections (every 6 years) and controls Intermediate (every 3 years) Tanker Vehicles ADR mandatory according to the Administration. Read more


Award in Network stations Cedipsa

June 2011

From the 1st of May, Petrosuport perform maintenance on the work 41 stations Cedipsa (CEPSA), in the Barcelona area.

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Petrosuport in Motortec automechanika

May 2011

As already announced, Petrosuport participated as speaker in Motortec Automechanika Ibérica a very satisfactory final balance,  Read more

Finalización de campaña de rebranding imagen corporativa de 12 estaciones de servicio imagen Galp a nueva imagen Petrocat

Carry out corporate rebranding campaign of 12 stations to new image image Galp Petrocat

January 2011

Following the acquisition of Energy Express (Enex) the corporation Copcisa, Petrocat increase its network of service stations from 66 to 81 points of sale. Read more

Equipos de eficiencia energética RYF

Energy efficient equipment

December 2010

From PETROSUPORT, SL give a comprehensive service in all matters relating to a service station and one of the parts where we have investigated, is in saving energy. Read more

Aplicación de Sistema Doble Pared Homologado TTH-GNS Ver. 7 para la conversión de tanques de simple a doble pared; Sistema “Vacuum System”.

Petrosuport repaired tanks

September 2010

One of the priorities of Petrosuport, is to provide service in all areas related to service stations. And one of the most important is the conservation of the tanks, thus avoiding possible damage to the environment. Read more