Aura – You Ready?

Lately, I have had many people ask me how to see auras. They assume I can see them myself usually, which I find pretty interesting.
My friends – you can see auras.
You have always been able to see them, you’ve just forgotten.
You were born perfect and awake.
Remember yourselves!
I know, that’s not enough. You want to know the nuts and bolts of it all. You want the secret of how in the world does anyone actually see this stuff.
Well, here’s how it works:
Step One: Relax
It’s amazing how simple this can be – and how difficult at the same time.
But for you to remember how this works, you must be fully relaxed, comfortable and free of distractions. It may be best to try this outside on a sort of cloudy day in a quiet natural place. The best initial results are found in highly charged places.
Step Two: Breathe
Yup – Relax and Breathe – I know, you’ve tried that. Stop trying it and do it all ready! Breathe all the way down to the bottom of your lungs. Feel your back stretch with your deep breaths. Observe each breath fully, leaving a marked space in between. Some people find that “square” breathing, or counting each inhalation, space, and exhalation, space out equally, helps get them into even deeper relaxation.
Step Three: Open Your Eyes
All that relaxing and breathing, we need to make sure you don’t fall asleep! When you open your eyes, focus on the living things nearest you. Maybe a couple of blades of grass, or some trees or flowers. It’s best if the first time you choose check here a living thing that is not mobile. The auras of the more mobile creatures are quite changeable and can be difficult to see at first.
Step Four: Allow Yourself To See
I have often equated this step to viewing those old 3d holographic picture books. A lot of people have a hard time with that. But, in any case, what you do is allow yourself to see the energy field around the living thing you’ve focused on. You will physically need to relax your stare, let your eyes go out of focus. Mentally, you should just be in a state of “being”. That is no expectations, no fear, no worry, no anything but love. Focus all your love on that being, give it all your attention, let nothing interrupt this focus. Accept that you can see the energy surrounding it. Love that experience and it will increase.
What To Expect:
At first you may only see what looks like fuzziness around whatever you’ve focused on. It may not seem like much, but it’s a start. To see the colors with our eyes requires a great degree of focus and concentration. The fuzziness may evolve into smoky like fields around your object of focus. When you’ve achieved this, begin to delve further. If you need help, just ask.
When I look at someone, I “see” their aura with my mind, in effect, more likely through my own energy field. It “sings” to me. I can feel the colors and hear them, if I close my eyes I can see them. If I really focus, relax and unfocus on a person, I can physically see their aura with my eyes. It took work to remember how to do it, but it has been worth it.
Things To Avoid:
Don’t start with your this website own aura – it takes time to understand how to view one’s own aura.
Don’t assume things from other’s auras – once you have learned how to see them, don’t abuse the situation by trying to read other’s energy. In many cases, you might be wrong!
Don’t stare intently – the secret is to focus, then to unfocus.
Don’t dismiss what you’re seeing – or you’ll go no further.
I hope this helps all you with questions out there. I would love to hear what you’re able to accomplish with this, and to answer any questions you might have.

Auditioning For Musicals: The Recalls

When an actor, singer or dancer auditions for a show, it is very rare that they are cast on the first hearing. With thousands of actors singers and dancers looking for work, the recall system is a necessary evil. (One of our clients in the UK had to go through 9 recalls – all at her own expense – before being cast in the show.) This article describes the different stages of auditioning, and how I coach performers through the system.

I’m assuming that you have either succeeded in or bypassed the preliminary stage of auditioning, the open call (or cattle call), and completed the first full call.

Getting a recall means that the company has decided you might fit the part and are at approximately the right level for them. They want to find out more about you and how you deal with the material in the show. The casting panel will normally send you the songs and the script for the characters they want you to study.

If the production company haven’t given any music or instructions, but has asked you to sing your own choice for them again, my advice is NOT to take new songs “to show something different” but to polish the same songs that were sung in the first audition. I also recommend wearing the same outfit. It’s the song, the performance and the clothing that got you the recall, so why risk changing their minds?

During a coaching session for auditions, we focus on the song, the character and the story – what’s the package that we’re selling? This technique, used for first auditions with your own choice of song, can be applied to the recall. We’ll explore the songs the casting panel has provided, identify the style elements of the show and incorporate them into the song (and your voice). We’ll also nail the personality aspects of the character, and experiment with dialogue read here and scenes to carry the character through singing AND speaking to produce a cohesive performance.

That’s the first major hurdle. But the second recall is different again. By this time you will probably have been given not just the music but also some clues or advice on how the company wants the character to be played. In coaching for the second recall, we might experiment with different readings of the song based on different subtexts. It’s essential during the second recall that the performer gives a clear reading, but can still stay flexible enough to change if required.

The third recall is usually a more flexible event. You now know that you are at the right level and appropriate for the role. Often in the third recall the director and musical director will work with you in detail. This is the time to listen and experiment! Occasionally other auditioning actors will be brought in to “match up” a potential cast. My coaching sessions for the third recall are much more focussed, using information and hints given by the panel.

For example, working on auditions for the musical Spring Awakening recently, one of my clients was looking at three different roles and had been given very specific instructions from the directors for all three songs. So we worked on more aggression and bite in the consonants for one character, a more fluid, lyrical feel with some musical style tweaks for the second, and a hypnotic, sexually dominant feel for the third.

Another client was working on recalls for Mamma Mia and was up for two of the three leading ladies. So we worked on the dialogue for each character, identifying and shaping the differences between the two roles, finding the essence of their speech patterns, speed of delivery, pitch range and characterisation. Then we carried those differences into the songs to give a complete, identifiable package for each of the leads.

By the time you get to the fourth, fifth or sixth recall, you will have a relationship with the casting panel, and they have more time to discuss what they want to experience from you. You should be able to find out if there are any weaknesses in your presentation, and what you can do about it. Experimentation is vital here so know your material!

Occasionally at this point, it’s less about you and more about the casting panel being in disagreement about what the role requires. Perhaps a show originates on Broadway and comes over to the West End (or vice versa). In these cases there is often an American casting contingent who might have very different ideas. Just stay calm and do mobile strike cheats hack what you do. Be prepared to change everything that you have done so far. Stay focussed and open, and listen very carefully to what you are being told. In the rare event that you receive conflicting information, this website follow the advice of the person with the highest authority!

And if you don’t get any further in this particular journey, remember that the casting panel in your country has already approved your performing and will remember you for other shows.

Auditioning for jobs is a fact of life for the actor singer dancer. Once you become more successful at singing auditions, casting directors start to see you in other roles and you can bypass the first stages of auditioning (although even for the stars auditioning never goes away – “Would you like to pop in for a chat and a little sing?”).

Being offered the lead in a West End musical, or stepping into a role on Broadway can be very rewarding. Working the Recall System in this way can help you understand the process and get you there quicker.


All of us want to fulfil our life with a child. There is no full happiness in a family life without the birth of a child. Everyone wants to bless with a child. But some people are still empty from the happiness of a child. Few people are compassionate to orphans and abandoned child in the society. They are keen to adopt a child. BhagyaSamhita Astrology says that a person should always consider the right Muhurat for the adoption of a child if you want to adopt a child.
BhagyaSamhita says, child adoption is a very holy thing. Child adoption is brilliant if it is done in a good Muhurat. BhagyaSamhita says that if you adopt a child in an auspicious Muhurat then you can obtainhugecontentment and respect from the adopted child. Now BhagyaSamhita will tell youthe appropriateposition of nakshatra, week day, lunar day and Ascendant during the Muhurat of child adoption.

It is very important to consider Nakshatra while accepting a child. Astrology says that Pushya, Anuradha and PurvafalguniNakshatrasare auspicious for child adoption.
Dates also play an important role in thinking a good Muhurat for child adoption. According to BhagyaSamhita,pratipada, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 13th lunar days are decent for child adoption as these lunar days gives positive results in respect of child adoption of a couple.
Just like Nakshatra and lunar day, week days also play a vigorous role for selecting Muhurat for child adoption. According to BhagyaSamhitaastrology read here Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are auspicious week days for adopting a child.
According to BhagyaSamhita, it is very important for adopting a child, a couple must check whether the Ascendant is auspicious in their horoscope or not. If there is an auspicious Ascendant in the 5th, 9th and 10th sign in the Muhurathoroscope then it will give positive results to the couple who are going to adopt a child.(2) MUHURTHA FOR NISHKRAMAN SANSKARThe Nishkramansanskargrasps the 6th place in Sodashsanskar. This sanskar is known as the 6th sanskar in Hinduism. Nishkramansanskar is done After the Naamkaran ceremony of a baby.
According to BhagyaSamhita astrological principles the Nishkramansanskar should be done from within 12th days of baby’s birth up to 4 months of his or her age. This Sanskar means that in this occasion the child for the first time comes in to the interaction click this site with this beautiful formation of God. The child is blessed in the rinses of Sun and Moon rays on this time. The child is given Sun’s blessings so that his or her character becomes as bright and huge like the Sun. And Moon’s blessing is given to the child so that the child possesses calm and tranquilpotentials in her character.
In short, in this ritual a child is desired to have a bright but calm environment. As this ritualaffects a lot a child’s life, thus BhagyaSamhita astrology gives Muhurat of this occasion. Now we will considerMuhurats for this sanskar as follows…..

Shravan, Mrigashira, Ghanishtha, Punarwasu, Anuradha, Pushya and RevatiNakshatras are very auspicious for this ritual.
Date is a vivaciousfactor in a Muhurat. According to BhagyaSamhita all dates are auspicious for Nishkramansanskar except Riktatithi i.e. the 4th, 9th and 14th lunar days. That’s why these dates should be evaded and also new Moon day should also be avoided while doing NishkramanSanskar.
According to BhagyaSamhita astrology Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are auspicious week days for accomplishmentof this Sanskar but Tuesdays and Saturdays are inauspicious to celebrate this ritual Sanskar.
BhagyaSamhita astrology says the 3rd, 5th and 7th Tara is not auspicious andBhadra dates is also very unfavourable for this occasion. Thus the days which have inauspicious combination should be severely avoided for this ceremony.
* more information SPECIAL FEATURES
There is a Sub-Sanskar which needs special affirming besides NishkramanSanskar. BhagyaSamhita astrology praisesShashthipujan to satisfy Goddess Kattyani on the 6th day from the child’s birth between Jatakarma and Nishkramansanskar.
A ritual called DolaArohan is done on the 10th, 12th, 16th, 18th or 32nd day of the child’s birth. For this sub-sanskar the above talk aboutNakshatra, date, week days are essential to make the ceremonial auspicious. Thus for this ritual the 5th Nakshatra before and 7th Nakshatra after Sun is considered to be very favourable for this ceremony.



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